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Automate Your NCCI & Independent Bureau Reporting


Like you, we feel the pressure and frustration of complex and ever-growing Stat Reporting Requirements

wcSYNC is our way of transferring that burden and frustration to a purpose-built SaaS platform for our 15 Client Carriers.

By automating your Stat Reporting through wcSYNC, you can enjoy the same benefits.  Schedule your demo today!

What can wcSYNC do for you?

At the highest level, wcSYNC gives you more time and more resources to devote to premium-generating activities. Through automation and hands-free hosting, Stat Reporting becomes the occasional side task it should be.

Unit Reporting

Automate your NCCI and Bureau reporting with wcSYNC.  This single aspect of compliance dominates most carriers' time and energy.

Policy Reporting

The front line of your compliance program; errors here can be costly and damaging to your overall efforts. wcSYNC can help assure accuracy with every submission.

Medical Data Calls

Often this reporting is done through your medical review provider.  Keep tabs on submissions and whether or not you need to intervene.

Indemnity Data Calls

This brand new reporting type has been giving even the bureaus trouble.  If you find yourself responsible for reporting these new calls, wcSYNC can automate the task.

Support Along The Way

We keep up with the latest changes to compliance reporting so you don't have to.  As we update wcSYNC, your program remains in compliance with no effort on your part.

Pass On Difficult Tasks

wcSYNC allows you to pass difficult or time-consuming tasks to LGC's experts through the click of a button.


Power Through Partnership


Serve and Transform

"LGC's passion, drive, and values are a strong match with Farragut's--together we make a powerful partnership aligned around the mission to serve and transform the work comp data reporting industry. I am thrilled with our alliance."

Allen Gavilan

VP of Workers' Compensation Solutions

Farragut Systems, Inc.

Fit Real Industry Needs

“The technological and development ability of Farragut is vital to our partnership. We help form ideas to fit real industry needs and provide expert knowledge, but Farragut makes those ideas a reality.”

Kate Long

Vice President

Long Group Consultants, Inc.

Affordable Shortcut

“Traditional options including inhouse-built systems and outsourcing are becoming increasingly complicated and costly.  Pre-launch discussions with interested carriers have shown wcSYNC to be a more affordable short-cut to existing long-term goals.”

Steven Long


Long Group Consultants, Inc.

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